Kukkutasana (Technique) for Purification of Nadis

Apta Pramāṇa (experiential authority): Hathatatvakaumudi (Chapter 7 Verse 6)
APTA (Enlightened Being): Sundaradeva

Original Verse:
आथ Kउक्कुतसनम्
पद्मासनं तु संस्थाप्य जानूर्वोरन्तरे कर्औ।
निवेश्य भूम्औ संस्थाप्य व्योमस्थः कुक्कुटासनम्६

padmāsanaṃ tu saṃsthāpya jānūrvorantare karau/
niveśya bhūmau saṃsthāpya vyomasthaḥ kukkuṭāsanam6

Adopt padmasana and insert the hands between the thighs and the knees and place the palms on the ground and hoist the body in the air forming kukkutasana. 6.

CREDIT: Hathatatvakaumudi- A treatise on Hathayoga by Sundaradeva Editor in Chief: Dr. M.L. Gharote, Editors: Dr. Parimal Devnath, Dr. Vijay Kant Jha Published by The Lonavala Yoga Institute (India)
Nithyananda University Press, the Publications of H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and Nithyananda Yoga, The Original Yoga, present #REVIVINGHINDUISM series with Scriptural References, Shaastra Pramana, and the Direct Experiences of the Avatars, Enlightened Ones, Apta Pramana.
Presenting the ‘Pramanas’ from the Source, VedaAgamas as revealed by Bhagavan Sadashiva over 60,000 years ago, and as revived by Sadashiva incarnate today, THE Avatar, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, providing with His Atma Pramana.
Sri Nithyananda Swami

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Seeking the Miraculous Source

Have you been witnessing miracles in your life? If you have ever had miracles happening in your life, did you wonder why or how that certain miracle was brought about? If your
answer is ‘Yes’ to both questions, then you have been practicing completion. If your answer is no, then you need to complete with yourself and others, all the while seeking the source.
One needs to connect with the oneness inside, generate that feeling connection with the divine, to express numerous powers that get awakened as a result. Being open or
merely curious about Paramahamsa Nithyananda will help you tap the source and you will begin manifesting powers. When you catch the pulse the first time, it becomes easier to manifest divergent powers after that.
Delving deep into your being by practicing completion frees up tremendous space within your being, allowing you to use that space for creating your realities, let alone manifesting
powers. Manifesting powers is only one dimension which is when brought to life, will allow for greater things, such as, miracles after miracles to occur, with the Source of all these miracles backing you!

The eN Effect
Powers manifest from the space of very high completion you carry within you. What a street smart magician would show you is different from what an enlightened being
causes inside another individual’s being. To express powers, it is imperative to sit with your thoughts and complete with the thoughts as well as the emotions that well up inside of you. This is known as the ‘eN effect’ where you would have achieved consciousness over mind, instead of merely mind over matter. The power of creation, or Pragamya, is when your will to  create and manifest gets awakened. You will be able to create objects out of space and air, which in other words can be called as manipulating matter and energy. The one percent of you which you believe to be matter which makes up the atom, gets accepted
by the remainder of the ninety-nine percent which is consciousness or space (ether) resulting in materialization. All you need is a non-disapproving attitude towards Paramahamsa Nithyananda to allow visible powers such as, materialization and
teleportation to happen for you.
The Feeling Connection
Powers such as materialization occurs when you establish a connection to an Enlightened Master. When you feel connected to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, or merely remember
him, materialization will happen. Cherish the feeling connection to allow materialization and all other mystical powers to express through you. Do not forget, powers get expressed in a being who does not take them for granted and who practices completion.
There are two ways for expressing powers. Either you complete with yourself, working on root patterns, where each incompletion that has been completed, expresses itself as a
power; or you simply leave your incompletions and thoughts about wanting to express powers, at the feet of your Enlightened Master and he will take care of it all.
To establish a feeling connection with an incarnation like Paramahamsa Nithyananda, read his books extensively and watch his satsangs. This will help you understand and forge a bond with him. Be open to him. To be open to him, you must see him as though you are seeing him for the first time every time he comes in front of you, either through your laptop (viewing either his photograph or watching him Live), through two-way
conferencing or simply, in person. This way you will be able to absorb him more and more into your life.
Recognize Your Calling
Do not take Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s or his disciples’ ability to materialize diamonds, pearls and sapphires for granted. Understand the context that materialization and
teleporting objects are nothing but dust at His feet. It is therefore very vital to remember that when you get a call from a volunteer at the Enriching temple, asking you to attend the next Inner Awakening (IA) because you filled in an Intention Form, it is Paramahamsa Nithyananda calling you personally. Be open to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, let him fill you with his grace. You will then feel very fulfilled while he transforms your very being, and tears of gratitude and bliss pour forth. It is oneness with the Cosmos, oneness with Sadashiva that you will experience when you work with him as part of his family
or teamily.
Completion Manifests as Powers
Reference: Summary of Manifesting Powers session

Mystical Secrets of the Third Eye

THIRD EYE. The word itself initiates deep thoughts and understandings into the spiritual path for so many of us. This particular energy center has been the most contemplated and also the most misunderstood subject. It’s also one of the vital sciences in the Vedic radition that there is even a spiritual pilgrimage with the Sanskrit name Varanasi – Third Eye. Knowing about the Third Eye is vital for any spiritual seeker as it doesn’t just give you good vibes, but a whole new perspective of life itself.

The Basic Understanding of the Third Eye

Your life is nothing but seeing. If you see something through your eyes, you can experience it with your physical body. If you see something through your mind, you can understand it with your mental body. Seeing is an important aspect of life and life itself starts with seeing. Whether you are able to see with your physical eyes or not, you continue to see through your inner eyes.

The Third eye is nothing but Consciously Seeing as it’s not just an eye; it’s the very source of your Consciousness. The Third Eye awakens the non-mechanical parts of your brain and helps you experience extraordinary powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation, etc.

The concept of the Third Eye is a unique contribution from the Vedic tradition. All the Hindu gods have three eyes; meaning that only if your Third Eye is awakened you can become God. Hindus have worked so much on the Third Eye that if you are born as a Hindu, the possibility of opening your Third Eye is already there.

Third Eye is an important power which is stored in every human being and is a possibility in every human-being.

How can the Third Eye be Awakened?

Awakening the Third Eye starts from the moment you give attention to it. In Sanskrit we have a proverb saying: ‘If you die in Varanasi, you’ll achieve liberation!’ ‘Vara-Nasi’ means, the space between your nose and eyebrows – Third Eye. If you leave the body  with your awareness on the Third Eye, you’ll become enlightened.

but when your Third Eye is awakened while you are alive, it has so many benefits. One of the right ways to awaken the Third Eye is having the Right Thinking. Right Thinking is aligning your thoughts based on the cognition of the tattvas (Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching). Bring integrity in your thinking, authenticity in your feeling, responsibility into your conscience and enriching to yourself and others. Then immediately the Third Eye will be awakened and will enter into the next frequency.

Third Eye and its Powers

Third Eye is a cosmic browsing center! Just like how you upload or download anything through the Internet, you can do it with the Third Eye through the Cosmos! You can also command the Cosmos through the Third Eye. Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and cosmic space. Anything sent through the Third Eye to the Cosmos is immediately experienced!

Third Eye is not just an extraordinary power; it’s an extraordinary way of life. You cannot possess this power and use it for your ulterior motives. Instead you can use it as an extraordinary way of life through which you inspire everyone for the ultimate motive. By working on the Third Eye, you’ll see extraordinary powers manifesting immediately.


Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na24g0vqx0A#t=14

Transcript Link: http://nithyananda.org/video/third-eye-awakening-nithyananda#gsc.tab=0

Pramāṇas: the Four Authorities and Evidences of Truth

Shāstra Pramāṇas and Āpta Pramāṇas

Shāstra Pramāṇa is the scriptural evidence, the direct, ultimate authority on the Truth as it is, for it is directly from Sadashiva, the Adiguru (original Guru), the Source of all that is. In Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Veda-Agamas are the irrefutable Shāstra Pramāṇa. All knowledge currents, philosias, rituals and lifestyle systems, and Yogic sciences for humanity are in-depth systematically revealed in Veda-Agamas form the pramanas.

Āpta Pramaṇa are the the ancient  great authentic, time-tested, fool-proof compilations of experiences of Enlightened Sages called the Rishis, Siddhas, Munis, Incarnations (Avatars), the direct disciples and followers and descendants of Bhagavan Sadashiva, like the Saptarishis, Maharishis, including the Enlightened Ones such as Patanjali, Valmiki, Agastya Mahamuni, Abhinavagupta, Kshemaraja, Paramahamsa Yogananda, etc. The compiled experiences verify and expand further on the VedaAgamas, forming Āpta Pramana.

Atma Pramaṇa and Sākshi Pramaṇa

Ātma Pramaṇa are the direct experiences of the Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who is respected, revered as the living incarnations by millions of people worldwide. In the space of Pure Oneness or Shuddhadvaita with Bhagavan Sadashiva, the Ātma Pramāṇas of H.H. Paramahamsa form the words of His Gurus, His own experiences, and all that He has learnt and directly experienced, and done thorough verification and authentication with the Śāstra Pramāṇa, and then presented to the world.

Śaksi Pramāṇa is the evidence of the experiences and sharings of the people who directly experience the Pramaṇas as a living, applied reality in their lives as the manifestation of His Ātma Pramaṇas.

In these series, the pramānas are presented from different VedaAgamas from the various systems or portions of the Agamas, such as the –


Jnāna Pāda or Vidyā Pāda – the knowledge section from Agamas

Kriya Pāda – the rituals sections from Agamas

Yoga Pāda – the Yoga knowledge and science sections

Carya Pāda – the enlightened lifestyle from Sadashiva


Only when all three are combined does the initiation safely culminate in Sākśī Pramāṇa – the individual disciple’s experience of the highest state and power manifestations of Yoga .

Nithyananda YogaSM as revealed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda combines all three pramanas, precisely reviving the space from which Sadashiva created this science. After being subject to years of dilution and pollution of this sacred science, the most profound intention and context of Yoga  is now being revived and transmitted as a tangible experience by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Avatar of Sadashiva Himself               .

“Nithyananda YogaSM is hence all about producing the experience of “Sadashivatva” – the state of Sadashiva, His qualities, His glory, His grace and His POWERS in YOU!

– Pramahamsa Nithyananda


What You need to know about Yoga


On June 21st 2016 International Day of Yoga, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda addressed the world by sharing sacred secrets on the true Origins of Yoga. Here is what you have never been told, but need to know about Yoga:

1) Yoga is from Sadashiva

This first thing you need to know is that Yoga did not originate from Patanjali. “Patanjali is the organizer, not originator. That’s the first thing you need to know”, said Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Swamiji explained, “With all my respects to Patanjali, I want to declare this truth to the world: at least 15, 000 years before Patanjali, a Being walked on the Planet Earth, assuming the physical form, Adi Guru, Sadashiva, the Founder and Father of the Yoga system.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras is a great book, no doubt, but not the first book.  Unfortunately, many popular yoga gurus all over the world, always stop with Patanjali. Very few say yoga was before Patanjali, and even if they say, they’re not able to present the scriptures and literature.

All the revelations of Shiva are called Agamas, the complete work of Shiva, where he presents detailed, elaborate material with high quality precision.

People are very comfortable having Patanjali as the originator of yoga because Patanjali can be secularized, but not Sadashiva. But it’s time for the world to know and understand that Yoga is rooted in Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

2) Yoga is from Hinduism

The second important truth is that yoga is from Hinduism.

Always ask for the original source. It is unfortunate that the original scriptures revealed by Sadashiva are not available for the mass. It is unfortunate nobody promoted that. Because it is very easy to secularize Patanjali; very difficult to secularize Sadashiva.

We need to understand that Yoga cannot be developed and cannot be separated from Hinduism. It is a perfect system that was revealed by Sadashiva and further organized by living enlightened masters, disciples of Shiva over thousands of years, with a clear purpose, an intention.

You cannot develop on Sadashiva. Yoga is a complete science that has taken into account all types of bodies past, present and yet to come in the future. Altering Yoga is not development but dilution.

The secular world has diluted a great science that we are yet to discover and reveal to the masses. But first understand, if you have practiced something in the name of yoga, ask your teacher for the clear reference. Where did this technique come from? Always as for the source. Only then you should even consider practicing these techniques safely.

3) Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment

The third important truth is that Yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy, Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment.

Yoga is not just the ability to stretch your body. It is ability to manifest what you want. Yoga is not all about making you better man. Yoga is all about making you Superman.

The best that can happen to you on the path of yoga is getting rid of all self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial, the root cause of all incompletions. Paramahamsa Nithyananda actively teaches the science of completing with these, collectively called SDHD, discarding all mental patterns that limit us from living to our highest potential.

Yoga is the ultimate merging the individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness. It is designed to experience Oneness, Advaita, and express all the mystical powers outlined by Sadashiva. As long as we carry inadequate, immature cognitions about ourselves, about life, others, God, world, we continue to feel separate from the whole. When we complete with all our limited cognition and discover our true Self, Yoga happens.

Transcends the sleep and awake states

Yogi Transcends the sleep and awake states

Śāstra Pramāṇa, scriptural authority:
Sadashiva reveals in Amanaskayogah (Chapter 2, Verse 108)

निर्मल-सहज-स्थित-पुरूषे न दिवा-रात्रि-भेदोऽस्ति |
जागर-शयन-विवर्जित-चिन्-मात्रानन्द-संस्थानात् || १०८ ||

nirmala-sahaja-sthita-purūṣe na divā-rātri-bhedo’sti |
jāgara-śayana-vivarjita-cin-mātrānanda-saṃsthānāt || 108 ||

A Yogi who is established in the state of Sahaja and is free (from bondage of) mind, does not see any difference between day and night, since he has transcended both states of awake and sleep. He remains in the state of Cit (Pure Consciousness) and Bliss.

Credit: Amanaskayogah : A Treatise on Laya Yoga. Editors: Dr. Manmath M. Gharote, Dr. Vijay Kant Jha, Dr Parimal Devnath. Published by The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India).
~Nithyananda University Press, the Publications of H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and Nithyananda Yoga, The Original Yoga, present #REVIVINGHINDUISM series with Scriptural References, Shaastra Pramana, and the Direct Experiences of the Avatars, Enlightened Ones, Apta Pramana.
Presenting the ‘Pramanas’ from the Source, VedaAgamas as revealed by Bhagavan Sadashiva over 60,000 years ago, and as revived by Sadashiva incarnate today, THE Avatar, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, providing with His Atma Pramana.
Sri Nithyananda Swami

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Staying in the state of pure consciousness after Yoganidra

Chapter 2, Verse 63


यथा सुप्त्वोत्थितः कश्-चिद् विषयान् प्रतिपद्यते |

जागर्त्येव ततो योगी योग-निद्रा-क्षये तथा || ६३ ||



yathā suptvotthitaḥ kaś-cid viṣayān pratipadyate |

jāgartyeva tato yogī yoga-nidrā-kṣaye tathā || 63 ||


Just as a man (again) resumes contacts with (sense) objects immediately after getting up from sleep, similarly, a Yogi persists with the state of pure consciousness even after Yoganidra.


Credit: Amanaskayogah : A Treatise on Laya Yoga. Editors: Dr. Manmath M. Gharote, Dr. Vijay Kant Jha, Dr Parimal Devnath. Published by The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India).
~Nithyananda University Press, the Publications of H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and Nithyananda Yoga, The Original Yoga, present #REVIVINGHINDUISM series with Scriptural References, Shaastra Pramana, and the Direct Experiences of the Avatars, Enlightened Ones, Apta Pramana.
Presenting the ‘Pramanas’ from the Source, VedaAgamas as revealed by Bhagavan Sadashiva over 60,000 years ago, and as revived by Sadashiva incarnate today, THE Avatar, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, providing with His Atma Pramana.