Seeking the source

The VedaAgamas are the Source books of Hinduism or Sanatana Hindu Dharma, and these are the Source of YOGA.

The revelation from the Veda-Agamas form the Shāstra Pramaṇa, the scriptural authority on truth, which came down directly from the mouth of Bhagavān Sadāshiva to His consort Devi Adishakti.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals, “Vedas are the ultimate, superior authority for the Hindus. Vedas are like a pure science, where the ultimate truths are explained, but Agamas are the scriptures where the applied technology, the applied science is expanded. all the Hindu bodies accept Vedas and Agamas as Shruti [that which is heard] and everything else follows as Smritis [the remembered scriptures]. Agamas are directly revealed by Sadashiva; they are more like a practical manual of how to, what to, where to, when to. All these details are answered with the right context, giving enough of understanding and I should say, in a more sympathetic, compassionate way, with a lot of concern for human beings with tremendous user-friendliness.”


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