Mystical Secrets of the Third Eye

THIRD EYE. The word itself initiates deep thoughts and understandings into the spiritual path for so many of us. This particular energy center has been the most contemplated and also the most misunderstood subject. It’s also one of the vital sciences in the Vedic radition that there is even a spiritual pilgrimage with the Sanskrit name Varanasi – Third Eye. Knowing about the Third Eye is vital for any spiritual seeker as it doesn’t just give you good vibes, but a whole new perspective of life itself.

The Basic Understanding of the Third Eye

Your life is nothing but seeing. If you see something through your eyes, you can experience it with your physical body. If you see something through your mind, you can understand it with your mental body. Seeing is an important aspect of life and life itself starts with seeing. Whether you are able to see with your physical eyes or not, you continue to see through your inner eyes.

The Third eye is nothing but Consciously Seeing as it’s not just an eye; it’s the very source of your Consciousness. The Third Eye awakens the non-mechanical parts of your brain and helps you experience extraordinary powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation, etc.

The concept of the Third Eye is a unique contribution from the Vedic tradition. All the Hindu gods have three eyes; meaning that only if your Third Eye is awakened you can become God. Hindus have worked so much on the Third Eye that if you are born as a Hindu, the possibility of opening your Third Eye is already there.

Third Eye is an important power which is stored in every human being and is a possibility in every human-being.

How can the Third Eye be Awakened?

Awakening the Third Eye starts from the moment you give attention to it. In Sanskrit we have a proverb saying: ‘If you die in Varanasi, you’ll achieve liberation!’ ‘Vara-Nasi’ means, the space between your nose and eyebrows – Third Eye. If you leave the body  with your awareness on the Third Eye, you’ll become enlightened.

but when your Third Eye is awakened while you are alive, it has so many benefits. One of the right ways to awaken the Third Eye is having the Right Thinking. Right Thinking is aligning your thoughts based on the cognition of the tattvas (Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching). Bring integrity in your thinking, authenticity in your feeling, responsibility into your conscience and enriching to yourself and others. Then immediately the Third Eye will be awakened and will enter into the next frequency.

Third Eye and its Powers

Third Eye is a cosmic browsing center! Just like how you upload or download anything through the Internet, you can do it with the Third Eye through the Cosmos! You can also command the Cosmos through the Third Eye. Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and cosmic space. Anything sent through the Third Eye to the Cosmos is immediately experienced!

Third Eye is not just an extraordinary power; it’s an extraordinary way of life. You cannot possess this power and use it for your ulterior motives. Instead you can use it as an extraordinary way of life through which you inspire everyone for the ultimate motive. By working on the Third Eye, you’ll see extraordinary powers manifesting immediately.


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