Bring BALANCE in your Body and LIFE

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Śāstra Pramāṇa, scriptural authority: Tri-shikhi-brahmanopanishad
Sadashiva reveals in Verse 95-96.

Original Verse
हस्तेन दक्षिणेनैव पीडयेन्नासिकापुटम् || ९५ ||
शनैः शनैरथ बहिः प्रक्षिपेत् पिङ्गलानिलम् |
इडया वायुमापूर्य ब्रह्मन् षोडशमात्रया || ९६ ||

hastena dakṣiṇenaiva pīḍayennāsikāpuṭam || 95 ||
śanaiḥ śanairatha bahiḥ prakṣipet piṅgalānilam |
iḍayā vāyumāpūrya brahman ṣoḍaśamātrayā || 96 ||

He should press the nasal chamber with his right hand only and should (then) gradually expel the Pingala breath. Filling the air through the Ida of sixteen measures, he should hold the filled-in air (by Kumbhaka) of sixty-four measures and expel the Pingala breath well to the extent of thirty-two measures. In this manner should the (breathing) operation be repeated again and again, in the inverse and direct order.

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This techniques cleanses the Nadis – energy channels. bringing balance to you body, mind and life.


~Nithyananda University Press, the Publications of H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and Nithyananda Yoga, The Original Yoga, present #REVIVINGHINDUISM series with Scriptural References, Shaastra Pramana, and the Direct Experiences of the Avatars, Enlightened Ones, Apta Pramana.
Presenting the ‘Pramanas’ from the Source, VedaAgamas as revealed by Bhagavan Sadashiva over 60,000 years ago, and as revived by Sadashiva incarnate today, THE Avatar, H.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, providing with His Atma Pramana.
Sri Nithyananda Swami